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August 22 - August 24, 2018 | Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront

Meg Mude

Meg joins us from DCG Strategic Planning Organization, where she was the strategic planner for the AI/ML and Analytics domains.  She has a background in informatics and most recently was at the helm of DCG's AI/ML Analytics SW and solutions roadmap.  Meg has been at Intel for the past 2 years bringing, exemplary AI/ML and Imaging solutions to customers such as Google, Microsoft, and other Tier 1 CSP's.  Meg is a frequent contributor to numerous AI/Analytics industry groups, and will be presenting at the IEEE AI conference and Mobile World Payments congress later this year on AI/ML and post cloud topics. Meg’s professional, academic, and technical background are all in Informatics. In the past, she has been engaged in genomics research and computational modeling of disease states and data centric interventional methods; thus she is passionate about building and delivering offerings, to the market, that ultimately improve the quality of peoples' lives.


Most recently, she has been focused on artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML/Analytics) as these technologies continue to drive a life of sight where hybrid/public and private cloud computing and infrastructure strategies, coupled with AI/ML and Analytics; will present as dominant workloads. Prior to Intel, Meg's background is as a technical solutions architect and she has both studied, and delivered, extensively in this space in the past 13+ years.  Because AI/ML cloud computing is reshaping the IT landscape, her work has touched and impacted, technology partners, data centers, consumers and CSP's. Meg is passionate about working with partners/customers and her ability to drive both tactical and strategic outcomes has garnered a number of awards in prior roles, including the prestigious "Best New Woman Inventor of the Year." At Intel, she has been instrumental, in the Imaging (SW) organizations' ISQA award of spring 2016.

While in DCG, she was the leads SW and solutions strategic planner for AI/ML.

Meg's unwavering passion for her work, and doing the right thing by her customer/partner are a driving force of her career.


Meg is a native New Yorker, and speaks several languages. She presently resides with her dogs, husband, and infant daughter in Campbell, California.

When not working or camping, Meg gardens, writes poetry and cooks

prolifically she loves pickling and sauces!   She is engaged in a number of

philanthropic activities, including "Women in Data Science" the IEEE and BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters). Above all, she is passionate about nature and the sciences.