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Why Big Brands are Using Data and AI

Around 45 percent of the worldwide population uses the internet. DATA- which has emerged as a new oil for businesses. Talking about the simple app you are using for locating nearby jewelry shop to the critical decision taken for buying or selling future stocks- its all the game of Artificial Intelligence and Data.

Organizations are using a huge amount of data set collected from various sources such as user behavior, social media, company etc. Once collected they are provided to the trained models to get valuable insights.

These terms can be clearly understood by examining their impact on various sectors including retail, FinTech, healthcare, marketing etc. The worldwide AI market is expected to 89,847.26 million USD by 2025. The increased use of predictive analytics, recommendation engine, CRM applications, pattern analysis, NLP, sentiment analysis like algorithms has provided fruitful results. If you are not aware of these technologies, go through an opportunity to learn AI with this Artificial Intelligence Course, Blogs, video tutorials, pdf available over the internet. So that you can explore the wide range of applications and opportunities created by AI. Let’s see how giants like Google and Amazon leverages these algorithms in their work culture.


Whether you are giving a command to the Google home for playing music or the search query you provide for checking next flight to Minnesota- the results are accurate. The reason is quite simple- these intelligent models understand and learn. Google is one powerful giant currently involved with the innovation in the field of AI which is what we called the future of technology.

Currently, Google is using AI to provide accurate results to the user such as suppose you are looking for a flight then its AI algorithm will provide you with the real-time accurate data from the regarding flight. These search results are just not limited to the flights, but anything you will type, Ranbrain will provide the best outcome to resolve your query providing the best user experience

Waymo– an autonomous vehicle designed by Google is another incredible example of AI which was first introduced in the year 2009. The main motive is the provide safety by reducing the tired, drunk or distracted driving.

Google personal assistant is no less than Siri developed by Apple. According to Chinese researchers report Google’s AI had an IQ of 47.3 which is much more than that of Siri figured 24. Google personal assistant went through users’ information such as emails, search etc., to quickly provide the possible outcomes what they are looking for.

Again, is hosting an event named Google AI Impact Challenge addressing the social challenges. This event is open for the organizations from all over the world which can share their ideas to identify these challenges and incorporate AI to eliminate these barriers.

Google’s provided AI platforms and algorithms are transforming the Medicare sector with its outstanding innovations. Institutions like the University of California, University of Chicago Medicine, Stanford Medicine are using these algorithms in predicting risks of cardiac events, detecting cancer etc., with the power of historical data.

To accelerate research in the Genomics, Google is using TensorFlow to support Genomics data, uses deep learning for creating smart models and then they are launched open-source for further use such as DeepVariant.

The Google Cloud AI service is attracting researchers around the world to innovate and earn from its platform. ZSL is using this service to protect the endangered species. Rainforest Connection is using it to detect deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. Plant Village is using it to find disease in the crops at Tanzania.


If you think Amazon is just limited to an E-commerce for home items you are wrong. The AWS Cloud AI platform has a good marketplace over the internet where most of the companies are discovering smart products and services. Platform for designing voice or text enables automated chatbots, virtual assistant, voice or image recognition, recommendation system,

Formula 1 uses AWS Sagemaker to optimize racing decisions and enhance 500 million global fan experience. Formula 1 is using the power of analytics and machine learning to improve the racing strategies, tracking, and monitoring system and digital broadcasting of the event.

Deloitte is also using this platform to assist their clients by delivering best insights from analytics and data to get excellence in their services and products. Thus, they can make better decisions, shape strategy, deal with data, enhance outcome and overall performance etc.

Similarly, Figure Eight provides AI services like data categorization, NLP, sentiment analysis etc., for companies delivering AI growth. Organizations dealing in autonomous vehicles, automated chatbots, robotics, virtual assistant etc., can take benefit from these services. The data collected from these products are analyzed and introduced to the trained models for influencing real-world applications.  

Recently, Amazon has introduced a new AI-powered store in Seattle named Amazon Go. This store lashed with sensors and cameras stores each movement of the customer interaction with a product. They can simply pick the product of their choice and money will be automatically deducted from credit card linked with Amazon Go app.

These amazing works were not possible without AI or sensible data set. The true power of AI can be seen through the gates leading to a new era which demands automation. Nobody exactly knows the future- they said. I know it well, just give me data- AI answered.