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MPC20 Agenda for Digital Payments, Digital Wallets, Frictionless Commerce and More

2020 is be a breakthrough year for mobile payments and digital commerce

In the digital payments world, 5G wireless networks mean more than just better cell services. With wireless networks finally being able to provide the platform businesses and consumers have been waiting for, the ability to deliver enhanced experiences and seamless commerce is about to reach levels we’ve only dreamed about in science fiction.
The mobile device − in all its many forms − will be central to commercial activity and digital payments. Such “commerce in motion” mandates a frictionless experience. That’s our challenge as an industry and that’s the focus of our Mobile Payments Conference.
For a decade, Mobile Payments Conference has been the home to thought leaders throughout the digital and mobile payments space. It’s where the industry meets to discuss strategies, new technologies, sales opportunities and all aspects of the rapidly-evolving world of digital payments. This year’s agenda will offer attendees with the guidance they need to navigate this ever change landscape. Keynote presentations and panel discussions will address new mobile commerce platforms, services, solutions and standards. From how to capitalize from consumer demand to the latest developments in transaction security, Mobile Payments Conference delivers insight and guidance from FinTech industry business leaders, pioneers, analysts and experts.
Mobile Payments Conference has emerged as the “can’t miss” conference for business development, market intelligence and networking. The largest brands in finance, technology and innovation participate in at MPC events. You should be there, too.


» 5G Revolution
» Contactless Cards
» Voice-Enabled Commerce
» Connected Cars
» Non-card Payments
» Cardless Cash
» Digital Wallets
» Cryptocurrency
» Blockchain
» Security
» Internet of Things (IoT)
» International Markets
» Emerging Payments
» B2B Applications
» Loyalty Programs
» High-Risk Markets
» More!