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MPC21 Unveils Global Trends Track

MPC21 is pleased to announce a completely new track this year, curated by Tracy Lai, FinTech Consultant and Partner at Lystar Group. The Global Trends Track will launch Thursday, August 19, 2021, the third day of MPC’s eleventh annual conference.

Designed to explore global trends and developments in digital commerce, the Global Trends Track will feature experts who will explore ESG and post-pandemic trends in financial services, global payments and digital transformation.

Tracy Lai stated that the event will be free to MPC21 attendees. “There will be a specific focus on customer engagement, digital wallets, cross border payments, privacy protection and overseas opportunities for U.S. companies,” she said.

“We’re excited to welcome leaders from U.S., Canada, Asia-Pacific and Europe to MPC21 Virtual,” said Marla Ellerman, Executive Director, The MPC Digital Commerce Event. “This year’s show will present a truly global perspective on the FinTech and financial services ecosystem.”


ESG keynote, panel

The Global Trends Track will kick off with a keynote speech from Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman of The Asian Banker. The Asian Banker is a leading provider of strategic intelligence and builder of platforms on the financial services industry. Emmanuel is a global speaker and expert on financial services industry who is regularly featured on BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, and various national media around the world.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has been one of the trendiest topics nowadays. In his keynote speech, Emmanuel will address ESG developments in emerging markets and how these trends impact the financial services industry globally.

The ESG keynote will be followed by a panel discussion led by Amisha Parekh, a leader in Sustainable Finance. Amisha held senior positions at BBG and Deloitte and currently serves as adjunct professor at GCNYC. ESG investments have grown rapidly and according to Bloomberg, Global ESG assets are on track to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, representing more than a third of the $140.5 trillion in projected total assets under management.

“Amisha plans to lead an inspiring discussion from a variety of perspectives to explore the drivers of this trend, implementation challenges, and emerging technological solutions and regulatory frameworks to address these gaps.” Tracy said.

 Panelists are Irene Chan, Director of Accounting Advice at Swiss Re, Nancy Matta, Senior VP of Wealth Management at UBS, and Dr. Shauhrat Chopra from City University of HK. 


Global Payment Developments

Mid-morning will kick off the Global Payment Developments session, led by Eagle Yi, Angel Investor, FinTech executive and former head of WeChat Pay North America. Eagle will lead discussions with distinguished panelists Michel Tjoeng, SVP Sales & Marketing at ChatLabs, former global head of digital at De Beers and lead digital transformation / digital consumer engagement at Wechat and Tmall, Raymond Qu, CEO of Geoswift Limited, and appointed senior adviser to Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and member of Forbes Finance Council, and Warren Paul Anderson, VP of Product from DiscreetLabs. Panelists will explore the following topics:

  • Cross border payments
  • How to drive customer engagement more effectively
  • Better customer experience
  • Digital wallet in global market
  • Transaction privacy protection
  • Cryptocurrency


Globally Trending Topics

In the late morning, we will cover the topics of Blockchain, Digital Transformation and Oversea opportunities for US companies. Michal Kaczmarski, Senior Manager, FinTech from Invest HK will introduce the HK FinTech ecosystem and the successful stories from US companies.

More distinguished speakers will be announced in the following weeks.

“The Global Trends Track is a rare opportunity to see digital commerce through the lens of world leading experts who are driving innovation and change,” Tracy said. “We look forward to an exciting, interactive event.”

To register f or MPC21, visit and enter the code MPC21LYSTAR to have your registration costs – normally $599 – covered by MPC21 sponsors.



LYSTAR Group is a business consulting and management company dedicated to providing unique top-level advisory services to help companies achieve global success. We help businesses to build in-depth roots in US, Asian or European markets through strategic planning, efficient execution, measured risk management and local knowledge.

Please reach out [email protected] if you have comments on the Global Trends Track.

Tracy Lai

FinTech Consultant


Tracy Lai provides strategic and business development solutions to executives, and entrepreneur. Her professional experience includes work at Fortune 500 companies including Intel and RBS, and startups. Her expertise covers business development, risk management, project management and investor relations, in Financial Services, FinTech, Innovation, Technology and Education. As management consultant and FinTech advisor, she holds multiple senior roles with focus on cross border and cross industry collaboration, including projects in US, Asia and Europe.