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Why is the online checkout process frustrating?

It’s rare to see a shopping cart filled with groceries, clothing or home goods left behind in a brick-and-
mortar store, but online, it happens all the time. Amid the surge in e-commerce, cart abandonment
rates remain high across the restaurant, retail and services industries – an estimated $4 trillion worth of
goods were abandoned online in 2021.
Why do consumers decide not to complete the sale? Our research reveals several points of friction in
the checkout process that make consumers change their minds, and payments are a big factor. There
are also important nuances for restaurants, retail stores and services organizations to be aware of to
better meet their customers’ expectations online.
Find out more and learn what frustrates consumers the most about online checkout in this infographic.
And give your customers the frictionless experience they want with GoCart: a fast, one-click checkout
that makes payments easy everywhere. Learn more about GoCart here.