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Channel Sales Opportunities for Payment Solutions
Digital Protection Forum
The Digital Transformation of Payments: What’s Next?
Merchant-Centric Mobile Payments & Loyalty Solutions
Competing in the Apple Card Age with Conversational Commerce & Universal Wallets
Digital Payments: The Rapid Shift in Consumer Preferences
The Role of Payments in Delivering Rock-Solid Customer Experience
Cannabis Conundrum: Solving Payments Problems for an Emerging Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
Listen to This: Merchant Mobile Wallets are the Future of Payments
MPC Visionary Awards
Bill Pay Revolution: Mastercard’s Bill Pay Exchange
Instant Gratification: Real-Time Payments are Getting Real in the U.S. in 2019
Inspired Shopping
The Global Commerce Game: How a Unified Approach Will Take the Prize
Living on the Network Edge: Hear From those Who Not Only Survived But Thrived
Protecting Your digital Innovation: Emerging Risks & Best Practices in Digital Commerce
Securing Payment s & Earning Trust for Mobile Transactions
Payments Revolution: Will Blockchain Networks Replace Legacy Payments Platforms?
Innovating Payments to Help Parent’s Raise Financially-Smart Kids
Banking on Mobile Payments: The Role of Financial Institutions in the Future of Mobile Pay
Next Gen Mobility: How 5G & Other Emerging Mobile Tech Will Reshape Payments & Commerce
Aite Group Digital Wallet Innovation Awards
Invisible Payments: New Commerce Models That Make the Payment Transaction Disappear
Fintech for Humanity: Driving Financial Access & Wellness in Developed & Developing Economies
Meet Your New B2B Sales Force – Leveraging Indirect Channels to Drive Revenue
Mobile Wallets: Engaging Customers Beyond Payments
Setting the Standard for Secure, Seamless c-Commerce Payments
The Cashless Society: Are We Ready?
Cash, Credit or Crypto? Small Businesses & the Evolving Payments Landscape


The Mobile Wallet Landscape: Merchant & Issuer Considerations
Mobile Wallet Landscape
Mobile Wallet Models & Processes
Mobile Wallet Security Technologies & Approaches
Strategic Considerations for Merchants
Strategic Considerations for Financial Institutions
Payments Industry Considerations
Mobile Wallets: The Future of Loyalty & Marketing
Blockchain: More Than What the Eye Beholds
2018 Mobile Payments & Fraud Trends
Meet the Masters: Driving New Revenue with Strategic Channel Partnerships
IBM Blockchain: Reinventing the Payments Sandscape
Mobile Payments Musts: What’s In Your Wallet?
Mobile Payment Fraud: Picking Your Pocket in the 21st Century
A View from Washington: The Regulatory & Legislative Landscape for Mobile Payments
Mobile Innovation: New Customer experiences + Payments
Blockchain: Does Security Matter?
Making Mobile Payment Smarter
“Are we there yet?” – Why 2019 is the Year Mobile Payments Will Go Mainstream
Navigating the Disruption in Payments
It’s 2am, Do You know Where Your App Is?
Real Time Payment/Faster Payments
Evolution of the Mobile Wallet
Mobile Wallets at Age 7: Where to from Here?
Payments & the Transformation of Transportation & the Gig Industry
The Payments Ecosystem from Steady State to Permanent Disruption
The Payment Diaspora & the Mobile Wallet: What’s Next?
Analyst Panel
Tales from the Crypt(occurency): Should Banks & Businesses Fear or Embrace?
Mobile Wallet Implementation
The Future of Digital Commerce Within Retail & Etail Environments


AI Training – Hosted By McKinsey & Company
Jason Oxman, ETA: The View from Washington. An Update on the legislative and Regulatory Landscape for Payments
How Mobile Payments Are Changing the Retail Experience.
Bill Clark, ZipRemit: Fintech’s Collision With Consumer Lending
Aaron Lint, Arxan: Do You Trust Me?
Why Consumers Don’t Understand Digital Wallets?
Don Bush, Kount: Half a Decade of Mobile Payments & Fraud: What Merchants Have Learned – and What They Haven’t
Breaking Banks with Brett King – Real-Time Payments – When and What’s the Point.
What is the Future of Paying In-Store?
Is IoT Inevitable?
Zavida Mangaru, Total Merchant Services: Harnessing the Power of Connected Commerce
Jack Connors, Google: Engagement 2.0: How Merchants Are Leveraging Mobile Wallets to Engage Shoppers and Drive Sales
What is Keeping Our Data Safe?
The Intersection of Mobile Marketing and Wallets
Jack Philbin, Vibes: What’s In Your Wallet? Going Beyond airline Boarding Passes.
Analysis Catalysis, Leading Analysts Discuss the Explosive Changes in Mobile Commerce and Payments
Usha Nandigala, GM: Immersive Technologies and Their Impact on Mobile
Does POS Lending Improve the Customer Experience?
Frictionless Future: The Mobile Frontier
Travis Dulaney, Push Payments: The Future of Digitized Financial Services
Meg Mude, Intel: Towards Experiential Empathy: Beyond, Artificial Intelligence, and Engagement
Mobile Location Data’s Impact on Retail Marketing
Plug & Pay: The Rise of Mobile Point of Sale
It’s All About the User Experience


Blockchain Training
Fusing Online & Offline-Augmenting Mobile Shopping with Bots, AI & Social Payments
Jack Connors, Google: Retailer App? Mobile Wallet? The Answer is Yes
Bob Legters, FIS and Connie Theien, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Faster Payments in the US: Speed Check
Mobile Payments & Data in The Wild West: There’s Gold in Them Thar Bills!
Aaron Lint, Arxan: The Perimeter is Gone: Brace Yourself
Chester Ritchie, Zooz: Expanding eCommerce Presence Globally and Enhancing Mobile Technologies
Data Analysis & Mobile Payments
Zavida Mangaru, Total Merchant Services: Enabling Omni-Commerce For SMBs
How Security of Mobile Payments Can be Communicated to Encourage Adoption
The Digital Wallet Yard Sale
Is Loyalty the Catalyst for Mobile Payments Adoption?
Ian Van Buskirk, Worldpay: M-Commerce in the Age of the Consumer
Mobile, Biometrics & Payment Security – Plugging the Gaps in Card Fraud. Then What?
Can Mobile Payments Create an Improved Retail Experience?
Brian Meier and Jamie Uppenberg, Discover: Appeal of In-App
Jose Diaz, Thales: Digital Transformation of Commerce – Merchant in Control
Mobile Payments & The Reinvention of Retail
EMV – Blessing or Curse?


Crypto-Currency: What Should I Know, and Why Do I Care?
Retail Exchange – Reinventing Retail
Mobilizing Retail: Evolve or Perish
Chester Ritchie, Worldpay: EMV – The Changing Technology in the Payments Industry
Peter Gordon, FIS Global & Connie Theien, Federal Reserve Banks: Building a Faster, Safer Payments System
The OmniChannel Experience: Can Merchants Really Deliver Seamless Service Across All Mediums?
Bob Carr, Heartland Payment Systems: The Next Step for Mobile Wallets: General Purpose Platforms
Book Signing with Bob Carr of Heartland Payment Systems
Jack Connors, Google: “More than Just Cool: Making Mobile Payments Valuable”
Loyalty Campaigns: The Crossroads of Value and Irrelevance
Michelle Tinsley, Intel: Mobility: Single-Handedly Transforming the Retail Experience!
Lockdown: Payment Security in a High-Risk World
Proximity – Why Everything is About A Location-Based Experience
Paul Coppinger, Unipagos: Financial Inclusion in Mexico
Mobile Marketing and Retail
Amy Parsons, Discover: Mobile Customer Engagement: Rising Above Your Competition
The Merchants Speak: Real World Stories on MPOS Integrations
The Future is Now: How Merchants Can Prepare For The EMV Evolution
From the Field: Payments Case Studies & Testimonials
Jolyn Daugherty, ACI Worldwide: Securing Customer-Centric Mobile Payments
Mobile Payments: A Retail Fairytale in the Making