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Andrew Radlow

Mr. Radlow is the Chief Marketing Officer at Grabango. He is currently responsible for marketing, communications, revenue generation, and account management at the company. Prior to Grabango as Head of Business Development at LendUp, Mr. Radlow led sales and account management for all of the company’s B2B clients including some of the largest national retail stores (e.g. Walmart and Western Union), banking and prepaid card companies in America. Prior to LendUp, he was Senior Vice President of Business Development for Citigroup and led sales and product development for retail clients such as Target, CVS and Walgreens. He is also the recipient of multiple patents for SKU based transaction processing in retail POS systems. Prior to Citigroup, Mr. Radlow held a number of executive positions including the General Manager and member of the Board of Directors for Vodafone Satellite Services, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Globalstar, and Director of Corporate Strategy for AirTouch Communications.