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Bob Bilbruck

Mr. Bilbruck is Founder and CEO of B2 Group and Captjur, a Visionary Advisor, Business Strategist, Investor, Published Author (Analyst) & Technologist.

He sits on multiple company advisory boards and has investment in multiple startups & larger companies. He has had several successful exits.

He is seen as a global expert in Connected Health, Wellness, Fitness, Aging and Pharma; IoT & Mobile, Blockchain (Logistics), Fintech & Mobile Payments, Investing, Startups, Channel & Partner Programs, Affiliate, Marketplace and eCommerce, Apps & Digital Platforms (PaaS/SaaS), Gig Economy (Models, Last Mile Logistics, Payment Systems), Connected Home, Smart Cities, Capital Raising, Valuation and Exit Strategies.

Mr. Bilbruck is also the founder of Startup Garage, he is passionate about entrepreneurship and startups.