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Dr. Fei Huang

Dr. Fei Huang is a Senior Director and Principal Research Scientist at the Language Technology Laboratory of Alibaba DAMO Academy. He leads R&D in fundamental and applied natural language processing (NLP) technologies ranging from pre-trained language models to intelligent chatbots, information extraction and machine translation. His team developed the largest Chinese pre-trained language model AliceMind-PLUG, machine reading comprehension (MRC) and visual question answering (VQA) systems which surpassed human performance. The team has published hundreds of papers at top conferences, won more than 20 international competitions, and developed the industry’s first e-commerce live translation system. Relevant technologies and products support hundreds of scenarios within the Alibaba Group, and externally empower multiple industry partners from finance, customs, medical and energy sectors.

Before joining DAMO Academy, Dr. Huang was a senior researcher at IBM Watson and Facebook AI, leading the development of automatic translation systems serving 2 billion users. He has published 60+ articles in top AI conferences and journals, with 20+ Chinese and American patents, and served as the senior area chairs of ACL, EMNLP, AACL and other NLP conferences.