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James Huber

James Cannon Huber is a recognized expert attorney in the electronic payments space and ever-growing crypto marketplace. Since 2008, James has applied his legal focus to the fin-tech, payments processing, ISO, B2B, and card brands space. If an issue involves online or otherwise electronic payment processing over the past decade, chances are James is or has been involved at some stage of the process.

From contract formation, drafting and advisement to ongoing compliance leadership, to complex payments litigation at the highest levels, James is part of a very small group of attorneys intimately versed in all aspects of digital payments, and assets. This background and focus lead directly to his immediate and intense interest in cryptocurrency from its inception. As an early adopter, James quickly saw the important areas of overlap between the burgeoning crypto landscape and the traditional payments environment. Whether you are a layer one or layer two solution, or looking to launch your own Altcoin or Stablecoin, or need compliance advisement at any stage of your crypto business project, James Huber will provide expert advice based on a decade of practice and expertise.

From on-chain protocol issues such as cross-chain options, oracles, bi-lateral swap contracts to off-chain services including roll ups and inter-ledger protocols, James can assist your web2 and web3 vision to become reality. James Crypto-Cannon Huber will take your current digital asset business to even greater profitability. From smart contract logic to consensus, from shard to P2P layers, James and Global’s cryptocurrency attorneys are ready to provide the counsel you need to take your next step.