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Zac Cheah

Zac Cheah is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pundi X, a company that makes cryptocurrency available to everyone by empowering blockchain developers and token holders to use cryptocurrency and services at any physical store around the world.

In his current role, Zac is responsible for the company vision and overall strategy as well as for directing communications with key partners. He also focuses on the technical roll out of hardware and services with global partners from the Blockchain, Point-of-Sale, and Financial industries.

Previously, Zac was W3C Chair for the HTML5 Interest Group. W3C is the international body that sets the web standards everyone uses to go online. During his time with W3C, Zac was also Chair of the HTML5 Chinese group of more than 700 engineers.

Zac received an M.Sc Computing scholarship from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology and an M.Sc Security scholarship from Norway’s NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

Zac has spent 12 years working in technology. He is a sports fan from Malaysia who now lives in Singapore.