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Thwart ATOs with high-tech, high-color security

As recent high-profile security breaches have shown, account takeover (ATO) attacks are a growing problem for businesses of all types and sizes. And despite recent advancements in pass wordless and multifactor authentication, which have improved security, we still have a deficit of viable authentication methods and hackers are still taking over user accounts.

Dhaval Shah, CEO at Rainbow Secure, noted that businesses spend a lot of money on cyber insurance and security but are always under threat. In addition, their past data breach liabilities are impacting their high insurance premiums. Shah proposed that new, high-tech solutions are more robust, simple and easy to manage than long, onerous passwords currently in use.

“In addition to providing stronger login security, next-gen single sign-on (SSO) solutions protect organizations from a range of threats, including stolen credentials, phishing, insider threats, and automated bot attacks,” Shah said. “And these SSO solutions are easy to integrate with Microsoft Office and other platforms, which simplifies IT support by providing one place to
configure and manage login security policies.”

Shah further noted that having fewer login policies to enforce frees up resources for compliance managers tasked with oversight of NIST, CMMC, CMMI, ISO, HIPPA and other industry regulations. In addition, these technologies simplify Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) by eliminating cyber liability from Day 1, by protecting companies from password thieves and hackers. Insurance companies like the clear cut separation of business liabilities, he added.

Rainbow Secure

Complex passwords are not only insufficient protection against hackers, Shah noted, they are also not a scalable solution. Simple passwords don’t work and are vulnerable to brute force attacks, he said, and complex passwords are difficult to configure and remember. Both simple and complex passwords are vulnerable to a range of attack vectors, including phishing, smishing, social engineering, voice phishing and fake website attacks.

However, an advanced authentication method, created by Rainbow Secure, layers on additional security in the form of font colors and styles, enabling users to customize the characters, numbers and letters of their passwords to create one-of-a-kind SSOs. Their choice of background colors and styles, such as bold, italic, font size, font name, underlines and strikeouts are not viewable outside the login screen.

Rainbow Secure users don't need to follow complex password rules, Shah explained. Instead, they can personalize passwords, PINs and MFA tokens with their own colorful choices. These unique colors and styles thwart bot attacks. Additional patented location boundaries and behavioral analytics, included with these authentication methods, harden security even more. In fact, these solutions not only stop bot attacks, they reduce premiums by demonstrating to insurance providers that organizations meet the most stringent NIST, ISO and other industry regulations and standards.

Upgrade legacy security

Considering the rampant and evermore sophisticated attacks against industries and businesses, why continue to invest in unsustainable, legacy approaches to authentication? Advanced, high- tech authentication methods have a proven ROI and are easy to integrate.

Join our growing family of business owners who successfully replaced their legacy security systems with multilayered authentication, AI monitoring, risk analytics and threat alerts, and receive these immediate benefits:

Stop bot attacks and cyber fraud: Keep bots away by implementing smart, secure, interactive authentication; no more captcha needed.

Stop account takeover: Prevent phishing, key logger, brute force, smishing, credential stuffing, dictionary, DDOS, ransomware, device cloning.

Protect communications: Build the foundation for secure internal and external connections between people and technology.

Harden SSO security: Create unbreakable logins with multilayer multifactor colors and styles in passwords, passwordless logins and multifactor authentication schemes. Reduce stress with a reliable single sign-on (SSO) for all applications.

Simplify IT, password management: Use one strong log-in for hundreds of cloud, SaaS and on- premise applications that works on all platforms, identity systems and biometric solutions.

Leverage geolocation technology: Stop hackers by narrowing down user access locations using dynamic geolocation fences.

Continuous threat detection and monitoring: 24×7 security using AI monitoring, risk analytics and threat monitoring with reliable disaster recovery.

Modern advancements in security technology have democratized access to secure, cost- effective cybersecurity solutions. With attacks against IT and critical infrastructure showing no signs of slowing down, why wait to upgrade security infrastructure? Rainbow Secure offers a rainbow of options for advanced security.