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Weaponizing the Fight Against Fraud

I recently interviewed security leaders for a lead story, “Cracking Fraud’s Code” in Issue 21:07:02 of The Green Sheet. The story explores how AI has become the weapon of choice in cyberwarfare. In Letter from the Editor, Laura McHale Holland, editor in chief at The Green Sheet, stated that fraudsters are devising new ways to hold data hostage, steal identities, expose confidential information and otherwise steal fortunes from victims.

“This issue’s lead article, in which cybersecurity leaders talk shop, shows that while cybertheft is a formidable problem, there are equally formidable solutions available today that businesses can employ to make cyberattacks less lucrative and sometimes even painful for fraudsters, while significantly safeguarding data and reducing the success of these criminal enterprises,” she wrote. [Read more]

For Kevin Gosschalk, founder and CEO at Arkose Labs, the business of bankrupting fraud is never boring. The advocate’s cunningness and ingenuity are endlessly fascinating, he noted, “because there are so many ways to do these attacks.” To read the article in The Green Sheet, visit

Arkose Labs has been hosting fireside chats with security leaders. Today’s topic was “The Convergence of Infosec and Fraud” with Gosschalk and Michael Coates, co-founder and CEO of Altitude Networks, an enterprise cloud security start-up based in San Francisco. I had planned to tweet but how do you choose, when every comment could be a tweet or pull quote or something to endlessly contemplate on a Zen retreat. Yes, it was that good. I recall a few gems:

KG: “One of the reasons I enjoy being in this industry is the creativity of the adversary, which keeps it incredibly fresh and constantly evolving and adapting as new companies come online.”

MC: (Describing the evolving role of the Chief Information Security Officer) “The previous world of the CISO was very much the team that said no, because anytime there was a breach of any sort, the CISO would be blamed.” Coates went on to say that today’s CISOs are far less risk averse and willing to try new strategies and collaborate with peer groups to solve problems. The full recording is available here.

I’m grateful to Arkose Labs for hosting these webinars and fireside chats, filled with fresh, exciting new technologies and strategies to cover breaking news, features and editorials. For more information or to register for the next webinar with Arkose Labs, visit or follow them on LinkedIn at and Twitter at


Dale S. Laszig, vice president, content marketing at Mobile Marketing & Technology and managing director, DSL Direct, is a payments industry journalist and content strategist who writes for multiple trade journals. Follow her on LinkedIn at and @DSLdirect on Twitter.