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How will you celebrate Finclusion Day?

May 2022 went out with a bang and a new fintech holiday: Finclusion Day!

What better way to gauge our collective progress than with our very own holiday? Going forward, fintechs around the world will promote advances in financial inclusion every May 31. And considering our industry’s vast reserves of creativity, I can’t wait to see all the different ways we’ll celebrate our similarities and differences across our ongoing fintech journey.

UK-based Inclusion Foundation chair Neil Harris pointed out that all citizens, regardless of age, race, faith or social class, need access to digital commerce. “Digital inclusion is a prerequisite for financial inclusion – one cannot progress without the other,” he said. “Last year there was a 50 percent increase in online use, but around 4 percent of the UK population are still digitally underserved.”

Many thanks to Harris and the Finclusion Foundation for the eBook and inspiration. Get your own downloadable copy here:

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Dale S. Laszig, vice president, content marketing at Mobile Marketing & Technology and managing director, DSL Direct, is a payments industry journalist and content strategist who writes for multiple trade journals. Follow her on LinkedIn at and @DSLdirect on Twitter.