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Women in FinTech and PayTech: Let’s Rise Up and Do Better Together!

Last month I attended the Rise Up program as part of the Do Better Together initiative at
Money20/20. To say that the programming, speakers, and relationships I formed in the
industry were life-changing seems like an understatement of the experience. For those who are
unfamiliar, the Rise Up program began in 2019 at the behest of Tracey Davies and Scarlett
Sieber, two dynamite forces in the financial technology industry. They recognized what many of
us see across the fintech industry – a lack of women’s representation in executive leadership,
attendance and speaking engagements at conferences, and overall in terms of employment at
technology companies. Interested women can apply online, and are selected based on their
answers regarding their career goals and other topics.
The Rise Up program takes place during Money20/20 and has a separate track of programming
from the other stages. Participants are provided with accommodation as well as their ticket for
the conference, with the caveat that the Rise Up programming is mandatory. This year, 50
people were selected for Rise Up and Amplify (a companion program under the Do Better
Together initiative), and we began our programming first thing Sunday morning.
Throughout the conference, it was great to have sessions about negotiation, team building, and
the future of fintech from leaders in the industry. We had workshops about turning setbacks into
opportunities, overcoming imposter syndrome, and advocating for ourselves and our teams with
strength and empathy. Receiving copies of books from the speakers was a meaningful highlight,
including getting the newly released Embedded Finance by Scarlett Sieber. The participants
spent time learning, sharing insights, and proving that we are a force to be reckoned with in
From the in-person conversations, to the group chats with helpful tips, to the bonds we formed
in between sessions, the Rise Up program is one of the best things I have done in my career to
date. The lessons I learned and relationships I formed will last a lifetime; I know that as I close
out 2022 I am more prepared to strategically push myself, my company, and this industry to
new heights. To close this reflection, I would like to offer a special thanks to Tracey, Scarlett,
Alma, the Money20/20 team, and the Rise Up/Amplify participants for making this dream into
a reality.